The Buddy System



Since our creation, we have expanded the vision of Senior Master Sgt. William “Buddy” Tolliver and the Special Study Group to encourage economic growth, workforce development in smart growth communities and investment in renewable energy and Hemp products.

RECON takes a social and humanitarian approach into account that the people who depend on the alienated individuals for their source of revenue will be included in our target sectors.

We have every confidence that our program meets the standard provisions of community development and supports long term recovery efforts while factoring in job placement and Cannabis related employment projects.  


Economic Empowerment Priority

RECON has addressed Cannabis infractions currently in our cities, towns and municipalities utilizing our proven method the “Buddy System” whose framework was established by William Tolliver a U.S. Veteran.
The Airman was a native of (Jersey City) New Jersey who entered the Air Force in 1955 and was a decorated Air Force Senior Master Sergeant. He distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service to the United States Air Force.
“Buddy” earnestly believed in equal employment opportunities for all people. He spent the remainder of his life communicating the core principles which would later manifest to form the company Relevant Energy Concepts (RECON). Further information on his career can be found on Wikipedia.

RECON strives to ensure that all people affected by the war on drugs earn a living and remain gainfully employed. We accomplish these ideas through uniting those people and community groups with our corporate sponsors to provide safe, secure employment opportunities while advocating for our participant’s health and physical wellbeing.

RECON will mobilize its members to develop leaders and alleviate employment disparities while establishing a certified (Green) work force. These terms are recommended and are not required for unremitting eligibility in or with an apprenticeship program, employment fairs or any associated entity that may sponsor said programs. 

During these unprecedented times the war on drugs and COVID 19 have created a need for employment opportunities in and around the Pioneer Valley and to develop comprehensive strategies that would mitigate the affected populations who are victims from the war on drugs (cannabis) and COVID-19 likewise, returning combat soldiers, their families and others (the working poor) in primarily segregated areas of Western Massachusetts should benefit from the program as a whole. 


  • Hemp Zero 87%
  • Community Assistance Program 62%
  • Workforce Management 93%


What kind of clients do you work with?

Cannabis diversity and community engagements are priorities for Relevant Energy Concepts LLC. Because of this, RECON has set specific goals for increasing minority representation in the communities to which we will operate and those that have been disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. In alignment with the Commission’s desire to promote equity within the cannabis industry, RECON’s commitment to diversity as a core value supports building an inclusive, thriving business that endorses equity among minorities, women, veterans, people with disabilities, and people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.


What should I expect?

Our programs are consistent with:

Disenfranchised individuals By using our effective anti-poverty strategies and the Cannibus Controls Commissions Economic Empowerment License we will continue to:

  • Maintain our position as an innovating leader in the Cannabis industry.
  • Ensure that local sustainable development programs continue to enrich local municipalities.
  • Address the core needs of the disenfranchised people.

Economic Opportunity –

We have confidence that our program meets the standard provision of community development and supports long term recovery efforts by placing the disenfranchised affected by the war on drugs with long term employment.

Education –
Using specialized training and certification protocol we promote our programs in terms of achievements and success.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Our Social Equity program will work in accordance with the CCC’s jobs creation platform and will provide basic life and social skills to persons loosely affiliated and or dramatically affected by previous Cannabis laws and the war on drugs. Cannabis laws have incarcerated and kept many people from obtaining gainful employment and has not allowed those persons to advance in a specific careers due to having a mariquana background check violation or a bad (CORI). Our programs will provide education, training and workshops to remedy those infractions. It is our understanding that these crucial tools support the mission of the Cannabis Control Commission.


Let's Build Together

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